I might do a different page or expand to other sites, but I don’t think Jon and I can afford to get married in the time frame we desire. So we are trying to get some donations for our modest, but romantic and traditional Vietnamese wedding.

We spent the first 3 years of our relationship over 1000 miles away from each other, I got to see him for maybe 40 days total in those 3 years, we stuck through all the hardships. We are soulmates, just perfect for each other. Unfortunately both of us are not on good financial situations. We both have a bunch of student debt that we work towards, and both of our jobs do not allow overtime. My life took a nose dive when I had to be hospitalized last year during the one month my parents didn’t have health insurance, I had to pay out of pocket over 3,000$ for facial stitches because I got hit in the face. Other hardships have really discouraged us when it comes to establishing stability in our mid 20’s.

Any amount is appreciated!


New and improved, my sanity and eating


Within the last year I have learned a lot about myself and how I deal with things.

I was too obsessive. I’m obsessive with most things. I took all the joy out of eating by thinking too much.

I don’t want deprivation, limited choices, and being outcasted from everyone I know. All I want is to be excited to eat my meals again.

I want to practice moderation. Diligence in different foods

Here is what I want my new daily menu to consist of:
2-3 pieces of fruit

3-5 servings of veggies, including at least 1 leafy green, 1 orange veggie, and overall rainbow status

1-2 servings carbs like sprouted brown rice, sweet potato, or organic popcorn

2 servings of organic/wild protein: shrimp, salmon, chicken, beef, lamb

And adding in healthy fats everywhere! Almond butter on things, cook in coconut oil and kerrygold butter, lots of avocado

I have had minimal appetite in 2015. I’m maybe getting 400-1000 calories a day. I reallyyyyyy need more!!!!!

Eating light to heavy; my Beauty Detox way!


Now that i have been doing beauty detox for 14 months, I have my routine down super well. It wasn’t always this easy though transitioning from what i used to eat during the day. In the past i never thought of the order i ate things in. I had always heard to eat a big breakfast to boost your metabolism, and also to combine a protein and starch to keep my blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. I used to faint all the time for low blood sugar, but it makes sense to me now why that used to happen. I would barely drink any water in the morning, then I’d have a south beach diet bar, or other ‘fake healthy’ protein bar. obviously full of sugar, and normally chocolate or yogurt in it too. Sometimes i would have a yoplait yogurt (strawberry only!) oh okay, thats not about 25g of sugar or anything. My lunch was always combined wrong (fast food, or a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and no veggies). But my dinners were always healthy prepared by my mom, basic “american meal” of a meat, a starch (normally wild rice, sometimes French bread :/), and a steamed veggie.
As some of you know, when I moved away to college all I ate was sauteed chicken, snacks, caeser salad and fast food, but now I never feel tired, and I attribute that to Beauty Detox!

Eating light to heavy (and eating the beauty detox way) actually helped cure my hypoglycemia.

I struggled with a few things, mainly not combining fruit with anything (like almond butter!) that was my favorite. And the fact that i really couldn’t have any fruit for dessert anymore, since i eat animal protein at dinner time.

Overview of how I tackle eating light to heavy


Breakfast: hot lemon water, apple cider vinegar, 8-12oz green juice (1 bunch leafy green, romaine heart, zucchini, cucumber, lemon, green apple), then an apple or some berries

Lunch: maybe another serving of fruit while I’m thinking about what to have for lunch. Normally a romaine salad, with an avocado, some sautéed veggies like peppers, and fresh salsa. OR  the power protein smoothie (no banana) , Maybe some carrot sticks or organic tortilla chips alongside too. (+2 brazil nuts!)


Vegan: sprouted brown rice/quinoa or brown rice noodles, mixed with organic edamame, green peas, organic corn, snap peas, green onion, garlic. OR ill do a HUGE green salad with 3/4 cup sprouted grain tossed in, lots of sprouted beans, avocado, peppers, tomatoes etc.

Non Vegan: 4 ounces of animal protein (organic chicken/turkey, grass fed beef, shrimp, wild salmon) + 2 servings of roasted veggies. (favorites include brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, yams, cauliflower, broccoli, corn, onions, peppers)

How easy is that! Fruit all morning long, veggies and fats during lunchtime, ill have a grain at lunch if I’m having protein at dinner time. Dinner is sometimes “paleo-esque” with just veggies and meat.

Sandwiches are the only thing i miss having for lunch. just a simple turkey, lettuce, avocado, tomato sandwich on gluten free bread (or real sourdough!) But i tell myself to make it my dinner if i want it that badly (plus its bad food combining)

My mom is half-way on the Beauty Detox train, but she finds this to be the hardest part! She loves starting her day with gluten free toast with dairy free cream cheese, veggies and smoked salmon. (ugh salmon in the morning!) But then she will have salad for lunch and dinner, then fruit for dessert! I’m like cmon mom you can switch it up!

I eat at home as much as possible, but on the weekends I’m at the boyfriends house and his house isn’t exactly conducive to successful BD eating, and i feel rude bringing my own food all the time. So ill bring some snacks like fruits or veggies, and then we BBQ at night time and I do veggies and meat!

Overall I feel that giving myself fruit all morning keeps my mood and energy levels up high to tackle the day, and I like that eating meats or grains at the end of the helps me sleep better!
I found that after I got all the unhealthy foods out of my diet, my blood sugar stabilized without me having to do specific combinations and food choices, I just wouldn’t do well on a diet like 801010, but that’s not beauty Detox so it’s all good! 🙂

I try and help my friends make little changes, at least not having animal protein for breakfast anymore and starting with fruit! 💜

Grocery shopping!


Went to Costco and albertsons with my mom today. Got a plethora of produce my parents and I.




We bought but I don’t have pictures of:
-medium watermelon
-2 ‘exotic’ cantelopes
-6 large haas avocados
-2 bananas

The items in the pictures inside:
Green Apples
Fuji apples
2 heads romaine

Yay!!! I’ll be juicing on Sunday. Mobbin the berries this weekend, and just being raw till dinner 🙂
Some people follow the “raw till 4” . I don’t know how I feel about it. For a raw vegan it makes sense, but if you already eat like that then I think you should more focus on your micro nutrients instead of macros.
I love eating fruit all morning though! Along with a green juice of course. Burr it’s so nice to start the day with “sweetness”, makes me feel less deprived :p

Love you all!

Some recipes this Monday!


Greetings fellow beauty Detoxers 🙂

This weekend was full of unexpectedness.. Friday Jon and I were nauseous all day and night, so the only thing we had to eat was rice, sweet potato and some red peppers. I had fruit during the day.
Saturday I didn’t feel well either. Fruit in the morning. And then I had to help prep food for Jons brothers birthday dinner (none of the options were BD) so I had brought a veggie patty with lettuce avocado and some Ezekiel buns to have.
Sunday was a disappointmet. We were supposed to help our friends move but things got all jumbled and they didn’t even need help by the time we got there and we were supposed to BBQ with them. And they brought nothing to BBQ and the only things I brought were my expensive organic chicken, grass fed hot dogs, and fresh jumbo shrimp with Bell peppers and onions. So I ended up having to share with everyone and I got some veggies and 1 piece of chicken. COOL GUYS. So me and Jon are bbqing alone from now on. Why give people the expensive stuff when they don’t even know what it means or care at all?!?

Had to vent a bit :p
but I am writing this post to share my vegan veggie burgers and my “rice crispy treats” !!

Vegan black bean and lentil burgers:
Makes 6-10 patties.
These are great because they have plenty of protein especially since it’s sprouted, has fats and grains as well. But all combine well together. I loaded one of these with tomato avocado and lettuce and an Udi’s bun!


1.25 cups sprouted and cooked black beans
.75 cup sprouted and cooked lentils
1 cup sprouted and cooked brown rice
.5 carrot – diced
.75 cup kale/chard – diced
1/4 onion diced
1/4 cup organic corn
4 cloves garlic diced
.25 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup garbanzo flour (any flour really)
1/3 cup oats
2 tbsp flax+ 3 tbsp warm water (flax egg)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp cayenne
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
1/2 tsp black pepper

Food process the legumes & grains. Then add in everything. It will be mushy but if it’s too dry add some water, too liquid add some flour.
Bake on parchment – 350° for 20-25 min depending on the size. Flip halfway!!

Healthy “rice crispy treats ” but more BD!


1.5 cup puffed millet (or quinoa!)
.5 cup raw coconut necter OR brown rice syrup
.5 cup melty almond butter
.25 cup melty sunflower seed butter
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla

Heat it on the stove top to melt it all down then immediately add it to the bowl of puffed millet. Press into a small pan and fridge!
Note: if your nut butters aren’t liquidy, add about a tbsp or so of coconut oil to the mix!

Everything’s delicious 🙂

What I keep stocked in my kitchen!!


Sharing my kitchen with my parents is a constant struggle. my mom is always getting on my case about storing ‘too many things in the freezer’. I dislike bottom drawer freezers, such a waste!

So, to do this post i pulled everything that was mine out of the pantry and fridge, because it was quite scattered. Forgive me for the no organization, but i had to leave a ton of mason jars in texas when i moved, and i haven’t replenished yet 😦 They will soon all be in 12-20oz mason jars and look pretty in the cabinet!

Grains: Here I have white quinoa, red quinoa, brown rice, black rice, oats, puffed millet, hulled millet, and I included chickpeas in this picture for some reason.


Beans: Here I have black and pinto beans in their bulk bag- and also after i had soaked, sprouted, and cooked them, I separate them into 3/4 cup portions and freeze the baggies so I can defrost some beans the night before and they are already sprouted!


Baking: Raw coconut nectar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, protein powder, cacao powder, canned pumpkin


Flours: Garbanzo flour, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, arrowroot starch, coconut flour, oat flour. I use oat, sorghum and brown the most.


Fridge: Heres just the random things from my fridge, salsa, teriyaki, ketchup, almond milk, tempeh, and homemade greens pesto in the container


Freezer: frozen berries and vegetable medleys (from trader joes), ezekiel products, soaked/sprouted/cooked grains (brown rice and quinoa) into 3/4 cup portions, wild alaskan salmon, tilapia, gulf shrimp, the turkey burgers and mini ice cream bars were a treat, they are normally not there :p  but the bars are sweetened with erythritol!




Nuts/fats: EV coconut oil, avocado oil, raw sunflower seeds, raw pepitas, raw brazil nuts (get that selenium!) and some hemp for smoothies 🙂


Snacks: organic tortilla chips, organic potato chips sometimes, organic popcorn, and dried cranberries



Other things we keep stocked at my house that I couldn’t get good pictures of:



The fridge is normally cleaner but we had people over the past few days. There is always bell peppers,green onions, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, all berries, apples, pears, lemons, pineapple, peaches, avocados, mung bean sprouts, carrots and snap peas. Sometimes we get some mango (like we got at costco the other day!)

My parents eat pretty healthy, but they don’t want to give up gluten and dairy. They normally eat feta or goats cheese which is better, and the only gluten they get is from toasted bread in the morning. Unfortunately, we are not in a financial position to buy all organic. We wash and soak our produce in the apple cider vinegar wash and a produce wash. I do convince them to buy organic chicken and grass fed beef when we make it. You can be toooo picky when your parents pay for the groceries!

If you were wondering, I tried being full vegan for about 2 months, and it was exhausting trying to get enough calories and all my nutrients in. My body didn’t like it much, so the max I have now is once a day at night. Though I aim for 4x a week now.

Ill go through periods of time where i am stricter BD, and times where i let myself stray. I find this very important for my long term goals since I’m only 23. I don’t want to live my whole life feeling ‘deprived’ so when certain cravings come I let myself have it (normally breads/chips) I try to stay away from refined sugar. The only time I really have it is when I go out and get a cranberry vodka, but i usually choose wine 🙂

So i’ll recap my day to day

Breakfast: hot lemon water, probiotics,  green juice + berries or apple/pear

Lunch: another serving of fruit + romaine/baby spinach salad + 1/2 avocado + chopped tomato/salsa + any little extras i wanna add + some tortilla chips, & carrots [or ill make a green protein smoothie]

Snack: some nuts, frozen grapes, raw veggies

Dinner: 5 oz of a meat of choice (preferably a type of seafood) + green salad or 2 types of steamed/roasted/grilled veggies (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, sweet potato, yam, bell pepper, corn, onions – are the favs) + a sprouted grain. Sometimes ill make a big mexican salad with sprouted quinoa and black beans, romaine, tomatoes, bell pepper, organic corn, avocado, and maybe add a meat to it, sometimes not though. Or else i do a segmented dinner and just had 3 or 4 different things on the plate. But you can guarantee that it had tons of lemon and garlic on each component!! 🙂

Dessert: dried fruits or popcorn 🙂


Love you all thanks for following!!!


What I ate the past two days!


Why hello lovelies. Here’s a little collage of what I ate the past two days, keep in mind that I have a fairly light appetite. I don’t like to count calories or macros anymore, I just eat what my body craves that’s part of the BD plan for the most part.


Here is Thursday! I started the day with 2 tangerines and a pear. Then I had A yummy shake that had 8oz green juice, frozen berries, spinach, hemp and chia seeds. My lunch was a paratha (Indian flatbread with potato) that my friends family made for me in California. Along with baby carrots (I had more) , mashed avocado with lemon, and some Food for Life tortilla chips. Then dinner was very simple, 2 cups romaine and 1 cup baby spinach, tossed in KS Asian tang dressing, with 1/2 cup quinoa and 2 oz of organic chicken breast.


Friday was a delicious day!


Started out with 16oz green juice (cucumber, romaine, kale, lemon, broccoli stems, green apple) then had another green apple, and 2 tangerines (my aunt had a tangerine tree! So yummy) lunch was a big salad. I would normally add sprouted beans but I was all out! So its 3 cups romaine, 1/2 cup quinoa, half an avocado with acv and lemon. And some salsa. Dinner was amazing! I went to Jon’s house and we bbqed and drank wine and had a wonderful Friday the 13th! I had purple potatoes, a red bell pepper, 1/2 an onion, and a bunch of white rice. We also grilled sirloins and hot dogs, I had a couple bites of sirloin it was delicious. Super filling!!!


I never tend to hit my calories for the day. But as long as I don’t feel hungry then I don’t care! My weight stays the same and I feel great!
I’m gonna document this more often because those meals are sort of what I have often, but not at the same time!
I am a very picky eater and for me to even eat veggies is a huge accomplishment most days lol!

Love you all 🙂